About Partnering with Critical Syntax

We took a survey of 37 MSP/IT firms around the Pittsburgh area and of those 37, nine of them used WordPress as a platform. Of those nine only two were secure. So why is it so many MSP/IT companies don’t secure their own or their customer’s web sites? The short answer is that the web sites are built using a different technology from traditional MSP/IT infrastructure.

WordPress is based on an open source technology platform that is free to download and use. MSP/IT companies traditionally install Microsoft technology at the client and server level which involves purchase and/or a subscription. Most of their knowledge and security efforts are directed at securing networks and computers that run on Windows. Plus most of the web sites are hosted outside of the traditional network at places like Godaddy or Rackspace.

We help MSP/IT firms by securing the existing WordPress web sites for their customers and by helping secure web sites during production. If you have an MSP/IT firm contact us at 800-719-8140 and see how we can form a partnership and close up this security hole for your customers.

  • We can secure the previously developed WordPress sites for your clients while you are taking care of all their other MSP/IT and security needs.
  • We can perform vulnerability scans for your client’s sites so you can report on their status and offer suggestions for a security plan.
  • Our Critical System package can offer your customers added piece of mind that their site is protected in the case of a future attack.
  • Our Critical Response team will take over in the event of an attack to isolate the vulnerability and find the source of the intrusion.
  • If you build sites, our Critical Care packages can harden the security of web sites developed by your firm, either during production or right before deployment.
  • If your marketing department wants to use WordPress for your site development we can secure your site and thus preventing a possible reputation issue.