Critical Knowledge – Vulnerability Scan, Reporting, Footprinting, Penetration Testing & GAP Analysis

After completion of a Critical Knowledge evaluation, vulnerabilities will be uncovered and a full risk assessment can begin. We will send a comprehensive yet easy to understand report of our findings with additional suggestions and best practices for your team going forward.

Critical Care – Security Hardening, Development Consulting, Secure Hosting, Monitoring & Reporting

Critical Care helps your company stay ahead of hacking attempts by consulting with development staff on hardening techniques, installing a web application firewall/monitor to regularly evaluate the web application for intrusions, secured monitored hosting and helping with compliance. We work together with your IT team and marketing department to make sure web applications are secure and that best practices are engaged going forward. Our monitoring and reporting package is designed to watch for and block attempts to penetrate your system and provide regular and emergency email alerts. This covers the OWASP top 10 including denial of service attempts, SQL injections and other web application specific hacking attempts.

Critical Response – In the Event of a Cybersecurity Breach

If you have been hacked we can have our team provide analysis of the systems to find the source of the attack and fix the security hole. Then we apply our Critical Care service to secure the rest of the site installing monitoring and firewall to repel and notify of any future intrusions and attempts. A detailed report is delivered to the company explaining our investigation, elimination methods and hardening of the site security. This report might be included with an insurance claim per your cyber liability policy.