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Tupperware Site Hacked!

Right now, when websites are becoming the only means of income for companies that can’t sell in the physical world, hackers are ramping up their attacks. GET YOUR WEBSITE SECURITY CHECKED PEOPLE, before it’s too late. You’re IT guy that comes in once a week and your outsourced MSP handling Microsoft support are NOT equipped […]

No training for local and state governme...

“The research, taking place between January and February this year, reveals that only 38% of local and state employees have received any training in general ransomware prevention, which may include learning how to spot phishing attempts, the threat of social engineering, and basic security hygiene in the workplace.” Read More Here:

New York Set to Stop Agencies From Using...

Soon there might be a serious penalty for not securing your municipality’s tech in NY. State legislators have proposed a law that says taxpayer funds can’t pay for ransomeware fines. “Two New York state senators have proposed bills that prevent municipalities and government agencies using taxpayer dollars to pay ransomware demands.” Read More Here: