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Critical Syntax provides Cybersecurity for your WordPress Website

WordPress powers over 30% of the web, as of this writing, that's 74,652,825 web sites. In addition there are over 500 new WordPress sites launched every day. With such a large installed base, is it any wonder that WordPress has become the number one target of hackers and online criminals? Your marketing department is not equipped to handle this threat, and your IT department or outsourced MSP doesn't understand or cover WordPress technology.

Call us today at 800-719-8140 and we will give you a free evaluation of your website security.

WordPress powers 30% of all websites, over 70% of them are vulnerable to hacking and
over 90% of user-generated passwords are insecure.

About Critical Syntax

Critical Syntax is a WordPress MSSP, we have over 15 years experience with WordPress and Cybersecurity.


Our founder Mark Bursic was on Sirius XM talking about political cybersecurity. Find out more about political options by clicking below.

Have you been hacked?

If you suspect a hack of your site call us at